Boat Tote

Fitting guide

The Giant Fish Boat Tote is the perfect gear hauler made from upcycled billboard material.

The material is a durable rip-stop fabric designed for the harshest outdoor environments.

We have used 1-inch Tubular Webbing for the handles to ease the burden of a heavy load.

This bag stands 15 inches tall with 16-inch handles that softly lay in your hands.

Plenty of room to haul even your winter kit.


We partnered with Oki Doki, a Portland, Oregon-based company doing good for our community.

These bags were made from expired billboard material. Normally these end up in landfills after one use. Oki Doki instead gathered and cleaned the material when they came down. This material is designed to withstand harsh conditions living under tension. Extremely strong even after its first life.

Here comes the great part, these were sewn by empowered people. Good people who want to work and be self-supporting but are challenged to find and keep adequate employment for various reasons. 

Empowered.  All the things they need to make sustainable products at home at no cost to them are generously provided by Oki Doki.

We introduce a bag that was made with the intent of helping people become more financially self-sufficient. 

Gold, Pure Gold!

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