Motivated by performance and comfort, our technical paddling apparel delivers the best product on the market with respect to function and style hands down.

We have designed the Downwind Collection from the inside out. The pants are tailored with an articulated seated shape with strategically placed seams in areas that are not in contact with the boat or in high friction zones like the waist. Fully sealed seams keep more water out thus making for a lighter, warmer pant.


+ Supreme Stretch Limestone Neoprene
A comfortable, lightweight limestone neoprene that is the softest foam available combined with a supreme stretch, quick-drying fabric, chosen for durability and maximum flexibility. Limestone neoprene has an independent cell structure that is different than the more commonly used petroleum-based neoprenes. It is a more durable, stretchier, lighter weight, returns to form better, and offers excellent insulation to weight ratio. We also love it because of its low water penetration, letting us wear thinner suits without sacrificing warmth.

+ Glued & Blind Stitched
Waterproof seams that are fully sealed and have maximum stretch, keep more water out and you warmer. The neoprene panels are triple glued then blindstitched together where the needle does not fully penetrate the neoprene. The exterior stretch stitching leaves the interior stitch-free and smooth against the skin.

+ Super Composite Skin, SCS 
We have lined the waist and cuffs of the pants with SCS, a hydrophobic nano-coating used to optimize friction-free comfort in addition to creating an excellent seal against flushing.

+ Aquavit Tape
Added to our thermal 3.0mm pants for extra durability and additional seal security against water penetration. This all-way stretch composite tape keeps the warmth in and the cold out as a flexible outer seal.

+ Contour Pocket
Easy-Access leg pocket with a secure stretch slit to keep small items close to hand. A lanyard loop is fastened inside the pocket for extra security.