We source the globe for the finest fabrics and materials to create our technical apparel.  This is our equipment, only the best will do.

Motivated by performance and competition, our technical apparel delivers the best products on the market with respect to style and function, hands down.

Our apparel exceeds the demands of the worlds best athletes and we continue to research the latest fabrics and techniques to provide unparalleled quality and design with everything we offer.

The downwind collection is geared towards the paddle sport enthusiast.  Surfski kayaks and outrigger canoes are the sports we have designed our first collection for.  These sports require well tailored pieces that improve rather than hinder the athletes movements on the water.

We knew we wanted to design the softest and most flexible pants available so we hunted down Yamamoto Limestone Neoprene for the base material of our pants and shorts.  Yamamoto Neoprene is known for being more impermeable, warmer, more durable, super flexible, and lighter than conventional petroleum based neoprene.  We then sourced laminating fabrics which give strength to the core and offer both flexibility and a durable finish.