What is the best way to care for my suit?

Our Downwind wetsuits are high performance garments made with top quality materials that will deteriorate more quickly than products made with cheaper materials. This is a conscious trade-off we make for ultimate comfort and performance. Here are some tips to improve your suit’s longevity. Rinse in cold fresh water immediately after each use. Hang suit on a wetsuit hanger and dry thoroughly inside and out. Do not dry the suit in the sun, neoprene does not like to sunbathe. If you insist on washing your gear we recommend Gear Aid Wetsuit Shampoo on a cold, gentle cycle. Never use scented soaps or harsh detergents. DO NOT DRY WETSUITS IN THE DRYER! A wet suit is better than a crispy dead suit

How do I repair a small tear in my suit?

Neoprene is a delicate material, small tears and abrasions are quite common but are easy to fix. Small tears and nicks can be repaired with wetsuit seal cement. We recommend Aquaseal Neoprene Contact Cement.

Rinse and Dry!

After paddling, rinse your suit in clean fresh water! Then hang dry your suit ideally on a wide hanger. Dry the suit inside and out. Flipping it is a must and will dry quite quickly.

How do I put on my suit?

A few easy tips to extend the life of your suit. When you insert your feet into the pants, help reduce stress on the cuffs by rolling the neoprene over your heal rather than forcing your feet thru the cuff. Same goes with taking them off, ease the fitted cuff by rolling them off with your hands. The days of standing on your pants in the parking lot are over, treat your gear with respect and it will last! Same goes with the tops, ease your fingers into the cuff, then roll it over the wrist, don't yank it, you know what will happen. Again roll it off your wrists when taking it off. Tight cuffs mean less water in your suit. This is our armor.